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Fine Wine. No Attitude.

At Frankly Wines, we offer our version of the well-stocked wine closet: a well-edited selection of daily essentials, quirky finds, and higher end treasures for when you’re feeling flush.

You’ll also find wines and spirits from most major (and minor) regions of the world. We make sure every bottle represents great value – we spend as much time selecting the $10 bottles as the fancier stuff.

Browse our full selection or scroll down to see our featured wines, spirits, and Sampler Packs.

Features And Specials




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Featured Wine: A Chilled Red for Chilly Weather

Fleurie.jpgMaison B. Perraud Fleurie 2013 (Fleurie, Beaujolais, France): Isabelle and Bruno Perraud make this Fleurie and I love it. I love pretty much everything from Maison B. Perraud and buy as much as I can direct from one of my favorite importers, Jeffery Alpert. In many cases, to get these wines you’ll either need to visit the Perrauds in France, or visit me. And while French winemakers may be charming, Frankly wines is much more convenient! 

So… the wine… it hits all the right “thinking wine” buttons – no mucking around in the winery, minimal sulfur addion, great care taken in the vineyards, blah blah blah. And bonus points because it’s quite delicious. It’s one of those wines that shows best with a slight chill (don't be afraid, we're very serious about this) and can go for days without losing its tastiness. Dark berry fruits, mulberry skins, underlying minerality and texture that manages to be a touch silky and crunchy all at once. (‘Crunchy??’ Yes, crunchy. Think of that snap of freshness when you bite into an apple. That’s crunchy. And it’s a very good thing.) Pick one up one to try. And then come back from more!

Price: $29.99

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small fry2.jpgTechnically, it’s spring time. The calendar says so. Day Light Savings Time says so. And all the rose offerings from all my distributors say so. But still, there’s snow on the ground. And reasons that have nothing to do with actual weather and everything to do with college-day superstitions, I will assume there will be more snow on the ground until April 10th. But still, it’s been a long, cold winter, and the urge to drink pink stuff is hard to resist. A bottle of Small Fry could be just the thing. Depending on your mood (or in my case, where I want to put it on the shelf), it’s either a very deeply colored rose, or an extremely light red. It’s the ideal cool-weather rose. And also great for sunny days. Made from grenache from beautiful, biodynamically-farmed old grenache vines, it’s juicy and earthy with more structure and oomph than you would expect from a bottle of rose. So grab a bottle or three and toast to the beginning of a beautiful spring. Or to more snow. Or to… OK, just grab a bottle and drink it.

Small Fry Eden Valley Rose 2011 (Barossa, Australia): $19.99

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Fancy Pants Wine: BRING ON THE BUBBLES: The (Not Really) New One

corbon 1995.jpgLet us tell you about one of our favorite new champagne growers. OK, “new” might not but the right word because the family has been growing grapes in Avize since 1912, but the estate is new to us and to the US market, so we’re very excited to introduce the wines. So, on to the details:

Corbon Champagne is a small estate in the Grand Cru village of Avize, located in the Cote de Blancs. As the name implies, this sub-region is known for turning out excellent bubblies made from the chardonnay grape, and the Blanc de Blancs of Corbon prove this point.

The estate is overseen by Agnes Corbon who returned to the family vines in 2004 after a stint working in the European food business as an engineer and buyer. In the 1970s, her father, Claude, worked up the courage (with a little push from the economic downturn) to keep the grapes and make champagne under the family label. Agnes has continued the work he started, experimenting with organics in the vineyard, and turning out wines that we love and are eager to introduce to a wider audience.

We’re lucky enough to have a range of Corbon wines in stock. And recently, we were even luckier to host a wine dinner featuring some library bottles (a.k.a. older and straight from the estate cellar) that prove how well the wines can age.

Click on through for the details.

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march-april-02.jpg“When green is all there to be
It could make you wonder why
But why wonder?
Why wonder, I am green
And it will do fine, it’s beautiful!
And I think it’s what I want to be.”
- Kermit, the Frog

We are taking a leaf out of Kermit’s book for March & April and celebrating all that’s green. Spring may not quite be in the air but, this month, we’ll put it in your glass!

We’ve got a lush meadow of green delights – from absinthes to vino – this March (and into April’s Natural Wine-loving Earth Day).

We got your back, Kermit. He may not have thought it’s easy but drop by our tastings this month and we’re pretty sure you will.

Green. It’s not just about envy anymore!

Click over to our Spirits page to check out our featured bottles. Or come in for one of our tastings and have a sip for yourself.

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Featured Wine: Wine You Never Knew You Needed:

Wine from the Village of Cats & Old People

Couto Mixto Monterrei Tinto 2011
(Monterrei, Galicia, Spain)

Couto Mixto.jpg

This is perhaps the single best visit-to-a-grower story we have ever heard. Luckily, the wine is also tasty, so we can tell the story and sell the wine. Because what good is the story if the wine is meh? So here goes: the Savio team heads off to a little forgotten part of Spain to visit Xico de Mandin, who Savio heard about while trying to figure out his map on the side of the road. So they get there and there’s nothing except cats and old people. And Xico’s tavern. Which isn’t exactly teeming with customers. And Xico’s vines are old and wild and crazy because, as Xico says, he’s just SO BUSY that tending to them is apparently at the near bottom of his to-do list.  But old vines have a way of taking care of themselves (Drought? Been there. Satanically hot summers? Done that?) And needless to say, given Xico’s busy schedule, the wine is old school minimal intervention (a.k.a. benign neglect) at its best. It’s a blend of mencia, bastardo, and caino tinto (right, you’ve heard of those.) And it’s very tasty. A little earthy, a little funky, but backed by enough fruit to keep it really drinkable. And there’s this hint of something like orange rind, or citrus underneath it all that makes for a very intriguing bottle. The cats and old people would approve. Well, they would if they weren’t SO BUSY!

Price: $24.99

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Spirits : WHISKEY: White Pike

whitepike.jpgFinger Lakes Distilling White Pike Whiskey (80 Proof) (Finger Lakes, New York)

One of the coolest white whiskeys around. It uses spelt in the mash bill, which is an ancient variety of grain that is high in protein and fiber, and it lends a certain soft creamy texture to this white whiskey. Unfortunately, spelt is also quite expensive, so this is not cheap for them to make, but they keep it fairly priced. It’s fairly neutral in flavor with a bit of a cream of wheat quality to it and soft mouthfeel, and equally great for mixing or by itself.


Price: $42.99

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Fancy Pants Wine: BRING ON THE BUBBLES: The Delicious Pink One

pouillon rose.jpgR. Pouillon et Fil Champagne Brut Rose de Marceration Premier Cru NV (Champagne, France):

If you’re going to do sparkling for Valentine’s Day, you might as well spring for Champagne. And if you might as well make it a full-on lovefest and choose something pink. We’re partial to this one, a rose de maceration from R. Pouillon. Its intense pink color comes by way of 12 hours skin contact on the base wine. Most pink champagnes go pink when a bit of red wine is added right before the final cork is added. But when this pink-making method is used (also called saignée, which is a different sort of saignée than the one involved with non-sparkling rose) the results tend to be more intensity, structure… and yes, color. Technical babble aside, this is a delicious wine with notes of wild strawberries, a bit of biscuit and a lip-smacking freshness that makes it very, very easy to finish the bottle – with or without a valentine.

Price: $54.99

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Featured Wine: New Year's Wine Resolution - Explore Something New:


$45.92 monthly (that’s $50 with sales tax)
Bonus: 10% off any 6 bottles; 15% off 12 bottles

Top 5 Reasons to join:

delivery truck - left.jpg1.) Your book club needs more interesting wine
2.) Discover wines you never knew you needed
3.) You want to learn? You need to drink!
4.) Fermented fruit of the month!
5.) You get thirsty. Your friends get thirsty.

What? You need more reasons? It’s $50 bucks a month, including sales tax, for two to four bottles selected by us.

Good stuff.
Fun stuff.
Stuff we really like… and hope you like too.

Do you really need any more reasons? (If you do, read our extra long explanation here.)

Details, details, details:
FREE in-store pick up and delivery below Canal  Street.
Elsewhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn: $10 a month. Beyond that: $15 a month.
Shipping fees will not appear in shopping cart. They will be added manually.

Subscription members billed monthly.
3 and 6-month pre-paid options also available (and are a great gift idea.)

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Frankly Wines Club: The Feiring Line Wine Society (a.k.a. A Wine Club)

alice picture.jpg

Photo credit: © James Robinson 2013

In my spare time (generally between the hours of midnight and 2AM) I do a little copy editing for Alice Feiring’s newsletter, The Feiring Line, which is devoted to ‘natural’ wines and the people who make them. Some of these wines are not so easy to find, no matter where you are. So about a year ago, we launched a long-discussed Alice-picked wine club could be a success, the Feiring Line Wine Society. I’ll let her tell you all about it.... click here to learn more.

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Sampler Packs: Frankly Wines Spring $250 Sampler Case

We’ve upgraded our $150 Sampler Case, swapping out some cheap and cheerful wines standbys for fancier bottles. You'll still get a range of wine, from bright, light (for these approaching sunny days) to rich and warming (for the occasional chilly day).


You’ll get 12 bottles (5 whites, 4 reds, 1 bottle of bubbles and 2 bottles of rose) with tasting notes included.

Price: $250 ….and that includes sales tax.

Please note - NO FURTHER DISCOUNTS APPLY TO THIS CASE. $229 is already nearly a 15% discount off the full price of these bottles. Please also keep in mind, this is a set case. The only time we’ll make substitutions is if something is out of stock and we need to swap in another wine.

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Sampler Packs: Frankly Wines Spring $150 Sampler Case

We've put together a great spring case full of vibrant, tasty, easy-drinking styles which will be the compliment to the warming temperatures, abundance of spring blossoms, and lively nature of the season.


You’ll get 12 bottles (5 whites, 4 reds, 1 bottle of bubbles and 2 bottles of rose) reflecting a variety of grapes, styles, and region. These wines will not be your usual suspects – so unless you’re an uber-wine-geek, you’ll likely discover something new. Tasting notes are included.

Price: $150 ….and that includes sales tax.

Please note - NO FURTHER DISCOUNTS APPLY TO THIS CASE. $137 is already a 25% discount off the full price of these bottles. Please also keep in mind, this is a set case. The only time we’ll make substitutions is if something is out of stock and we need to swap in another wine.

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Spirits : Hayman's Sloe Gin

gin - Haymans Sloe.jpgHayman's
Sloe Gin Original Recipe

So technically this isn’t really a Gin. Whoops. This is a traditional English liqueur made with sloe berries, a type of wild plum, steeped in gin. It slightly misleading as you’d think it’d be sweet but it isn’t. It’s bitter-sweet with awesome gin-y notes whispering in the background. It is traditionally drunk as a winter warmer in England. And it has very little in common with whatever it was you were putting in your college-days sloe gin fizzes (or maybe those where just Christy's college days.) But let's say you did want to make a sloe gin fizz with this? Well we can promise you from experience, it will be the best slow gin fizz ever. Period. Done. Story over.

Price: $27.99
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Sampler Packs: Winter of Riesling (And Gruner) 3-Pack: Layered and Lush

Riesling 3-Pk Layered Lush.JPGThis Layered and Lush 3-PACK celebrates the more lush side of riesling and gruner veltliner grapes. Grab some bratwurst and sauerkraut and cook yourself a traditional German feast. Or just pair these with spicy food (seriously – everyone recommends this….because IT’S GREAT!) A few of these bottles are slightly “sweet,” meaning they have fermented a touch less of their residual sugars into alcohol. Though a treat, by no means do they qualify as “Dessert”. They’re more ideal for sipping and for taking the sting out of spicy meals from Thai BBQ to curries or cayenne-roasted poblanos.

The Wine Next Door - Best’s Great Western
 Foudre-Ferment Riesling 2013
(Victoria, Australia)

The Classic -- Dönnhoff Riesling Spätlese
Oberhäuser Brücke 2013
(Nahe, Germany)

The Exotic -- Nigl Grüner Veltliner Privat 2013
(Kremstal, Austria)

Price: $120 (25% off price of individual bottles)
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Sampler Packs: Winter of Riesling (And Gruner) 3-Pack: Elegance and Slate

Riesling 3-Pk Elegance Slate.JPGThis Slate and Elegance 3-PACK gives you the chance to experiment with distinct terroirs from across the globe without inching too far into the sweetness sometimes associated with rieslings (or having to leave your temperature-controlled apartment). In this clean, mineral collection, you have a trio of the classic, the traditional and the wine next door! So, what does ‘mineral’ mean? Flavors of slate, schist and silex register as a slightly metallic tone, from wet pebbles in an Alpine stream to the moist fogs of Niagra Falls across its carnelian granite. And if you get an urge to venture to the source of this stony delight to see its influence for yourself, the amazingness of the Finger Lakes Ravines is just a few hours drive away.

The Classic – Selbach Oster Riesling Schmitt 2013
(Mosel, Germany)

The Traditional – Gobelsburg Grüner Veltliner Tradition 2012 (Kamptal, Austria)
The Wine Next Door - Ravines Dry Riesling 2013
(Finger Lakes, New York)

Price: $120 (10% off price of individual bottles)

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Fancy Pants Wine: Pecorino! Yes it's also a grape!

Emidio Pecorino.jpgI know many associate Pecorino with the world of cheese, but this wine made from the grape of the same name is one of the finest white wines to pass my lips in quite some time! It’s lush, silky texture and concentrated flavors and aromas of apricot marmalade, toasted almond and a touch of sweet spice had me dreaming of sun-kissed vineyards and a walk in the Italian countryside! Pure heaven in a bottle, and a perfect pairing with cheeses of the same name drizzled with orange blossom honey!

Produced in the region of Abruzzo by Emidio Pepe and family the grapes are grown organically on two hectares and crushed delicately by foot in wooden tubs in order to avoid the contact between the iron presses and the acids of the fruit. The juice then goes into glass-lined cement vats for fermentation, then, after a few months it is transferred to bottle. It ages in the cellar in the bottle for 2-3 years and is carefully hand decanted before release. The 2010 vintage is the first release of this fancy pants wine and hopefully not the last.
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Fancy Pants Wine: THE UNICORN HAS LANDED: Chateau Musar Rose 2012

This exists.

musar rose.jpgAnd no, your eyes do not deceive you. This is an actual bottle of Chateau Musar rose.

It's not the Jeune, which we know and love as the deeply colored $20-ish cinsault-based rose. This is not that. This is it's own thing. A very rare creature...... dare I call it a unicorn?  I had heard of it, glimpsed images of it in the background of photos, perhaps seen it in dreams. But it wasn't until I actually visited the actual cellars of Chateau Musar - and had a very wonderful dinner with my traveling group at the home of the Hochar family, that I actually tasted it. And that was about three years ago, fresh of the plane, in the haze of jet lag... did I really taste it? Or did I just think I did?  Since then, I've asked about it, pleaded for some to make its way to the US market. And now it has..... the unicorn has landed.

Some technical details? It's the same base wine as the whites - made from the mystical old vines of obidah and merwah - with the addition of a bit of cinsault for color and a subtle berry note. It's gorgeously textured and subtly fruited. And given the extreme ageability of the both Musar reds and whites, it shouldn't be a surprise that this is a rose that can age as well. So don't be afraid to hide some away.

Price: $51.99

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Fancy Pants Wine: For those who want to skip straight to dessert

navarre PdC.jpgR. Navarre Pineau des Charentes Vieux (Cognac, France): You may not know about Pineau des Charents. But you need to. You really, really need to. Broken down to a simple definition, Pineaux des Charents are basically unfermented grape juice fortified with cognac. But what they really are is magic. Pure, delicious, crazy good magic. They are sweet, but the kick of Cognac gives them a sweet/n/strong attitude that makes them so irresistible. There’s some of the nutty, caramel notes a tawny port, but with of freshness and liveliness that makes them oh, so charming. At around $65/bottle, they aren’t cheap, but if you try one, you’ll understand why one customer said, “I really wish I didn't know these existed.” They’re just that good. You’ll find yourself thinking about them while typing away at your desk, mulling over spreadsheets and the number of emails you need to send (or maybe that’s just me.)

Price: $68.99

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