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Tastings & Events

Choose a month on the calendar to see what’s going on at Frankly Wines. Unless noted, all of our in-store tastings are free and open to anyone who drops in. So drop in and have a sip.

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May 11

Southern Hemisphere in the City

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

If you stop by our tastings with any regularity, you know we’re often inviting South Africans and Australians in to pour their wares. And it’s not just because we fancy their accents (although we’ll be honest, we are suckers for them) We’re also big fans of what’s happening in those two countries and are quick to book anyone swinging by NYC on their world travels.

But today is a very special day – because we’ll have not one. Not two. But three wineries in the house tonight! Al Ashmead of Elderton Estate (Barossoa, Australia), Johann De Wet of De Wetshof Estate (Robertson, South Africa) and Sebastian Beaumont of Beaumont Wines (Bot River ward, Walker Bay, South Africa), all part of the Broadbent portfolio, will be here and pouring and chatting.

Six wines and three accents – it’s going to be a regular linguistic and oenologic party. On the tasting table: everything from elegant Robertson chardonnays (this is SA’s limestone land), to rich Barossa reds (rich… but not overwrought), to stunning Bot River chenin and pinotage (of course we would sneak in a pinotage.)

This is a great chance to taste some classic wines and learn as much as you can about two of our favorite wine lands. Or just come by and taste and learn nothing… we’re totally fine with that too. As they say, the wines speak for themselves. (But their accents aren’t nearly as cool as those of the people pouring them!)

May 12

Southold Farm - New Arrivals

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Sometimes scheduling snafus work in your favor. We were originally going to do this tasting at the end of the month, but a few snags in one tasting meant we got to bump this one forward. Which is a good thing because there was a very strong likelihood that we would have drunk all the bottles ourselves if we needed to wait much longer for the tasting. Because these wine are perfect for this sort of early spring weather we've finally been graced with. Charming and light, candy-colored and quirky in the best possibly way - these wines from the North Fork of Long Island are a bouquet of springtime happiness. Carbonic cabernet franc. Sparkling lagrein. Petnat syrah/moscato giallo. Just typing those words makes me smile. So come try the actual wines - and you'll be smiling too!

May 13

Juniper & Apples

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Juniper and apples - sounds so spring-y, right? And they are, but tonight, they'll be delivered with a boozy kick. Leo, our booze whisperer from PM Spirits will be pouring some newly arrived springtime kickers. Mahon gin - perfect for those G&Ts that we're all going to be craving soon. And the just-hit-the-market Double Zero Eau de Vie from Cyril Zangs of natural cider fame. If the words eau de vie strike fear into your heart, well, get over it. Because this stuff is magical. Nothing short of ethereal. I had my first sip a few days ago and it's still haunting me. Like right now, I'm thinking about it. And counting the minutes until Friday's tasting when I can have some more. (I'm not joking. You think I'm joking but this Double Zero hasn't been off my mind for more than a few hours since I tried it!) - Christy

May 19

South Africans in the City: Thea from Jardin

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

south africans in the city.jpg
Jardin... Jordan... call it what you will. To butcher Shakespeare, a wine by any other name would taste as tasty. These wines in South Africa are known as Jordan. But here in the US, that name is already taken in the wine world. So they go by Jardin. And their entry level bottlings go by Bradgate. But names aside, these are tasty wines. Thea van der Merwe from the winery will be here tonight pouring two reds and two whites. Chardonnay, chenin blanc, shiraz and merlot (because despite what the Sideways cast says, Merlot never goes out of style.)


May 20

The Winemakers are Coming: Julie Benau

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Picpoul. It's our secret summer weapon. It's a cliché to call it "the Muscadet of the South" but sometimes a cliché works. And given that Muscadet is often the reference point for crisp, dry, oyster friendly wines, it's a cliché that just makes good sense. Crisp and saline with a just a touch more lemon pith (because it's warmer in the south, so even the not-fruity wines will have a little more fruit) Julie's picpoul should be your new favorite porch/stoop/rooftop pounder. But wait... today we don't have just one, but TWO picpouls! Also on the table - Julie's crazy cool underwater aged picpoul. She wanted to experiment with anfora aging, but given that she didn't have an anfora, decided to just work with what she had - access to barrels and a salt water oyster bed near her property. So the barrels (yes, the barrels!) are submerged underwater and voila... the resulting wine is still briny, lemony, goodness, but with an extra layer of richness and flavor. We'll be tasting the 2014 side by side with the "regular" 2014. Also on the table - Julie's lovely rose and Crop Circle red.

May 21

Taste of Tribeca

12.30 PM - 3.30 PM

It's the annual Taste of Tribeca tasting! Join us and our fellow wine store neighbors on the annual wine store tour. We'll each be conducing in-store tastings throughout the day. No tickets or money is required for this part of the festivities - just stop in for a taste and a chat. Check the schedule to see when and what each store will be featuring. Ours: cider and the totally new to the market The Drop rose... in a can. Yes, a can. (We'll admit it, we're a little obsessed.)

And for those of you with Taste of Tribeca tickets, there's a new feature this year. Neighborhood bars will be conducting their own tastings with representative from local cideries and breweries. Check the web site for details.

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