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Tastings & Events

Choose a month on the calendar to see what’s going on at Frankly Wines. Unless noted, all of our in-store tastings are free and open to anyone who drops in. So drop in and have a sip.

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Nov 4

THE WINEMAKERS ARE COMING: Francesco B. of Cascina Bruciata

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Few winemakers would cite the pride in their grandfather's eye upon delivering a bottle of his own wine to the table as the true motivation behind their work. But, since his first vintage in 2001, Francesco Baravalle's dedication to melding tradition, organic farming, and new production techniques have all been driven by exactly that. Tonight, we'll pour his Langhe and Barolo nebbiolos from at Cascina Bruciata's late-1800s estate. Pretty sure there'll make you and grandpapa smile. Fantastico!

Nov 5

AUSSIE RULES: Brash Higgans

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM


Aussie Rules.jpgBrad Hickey holds a degree in Botany. And English Literature. And he bakes bread. And spent time in Portland before it was Portlandia. He was the first US sommelier to work under Daniel Boulud. And he runs marathons. (That's why he's here, he was running the NY Marathon.) Somehow, through all this, he wound up in Australia. Went down there to work the vintage, was bestowed with the Aussie nick name "Brash Higgans", fell in love (with the place and a girl) and never really left. Well, never would be a very strong word because he does occasionally leave. Like now, when he's here in NYC running a marathon. And pouring his very cool wines at our shop. Cabernet sauvignon, grenache, nero d'avola with a new school touch. These are wines that embrace the warmth of the McLaren Vale sunshine without going into port soup territory. If you've written off Australia, come try these and have a chat. We bet Mr. Higgans/Hickey can change your mind.

Nov 6

LA FETE DU CHAMPAGNE WEEK: Lassaigne - In the House!

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Fete.jpgWe're honored and excited and a little giddy to have Emmanuel Lassaigne of Champagne Jacques Lassaigne in our shop, pouring his gorgeous blanc de blancs. Emmuanel rarely does in-store tastings, but somehow, we manage to wrangle him. But we're keeping it short and sweet and leaving him plenty of time for a nice dinner and a good night's sleep before Saturday's Fete du Champagne Grand Tasting. (Speaking of that Grand Tasting, you can get tickets here... and you should!)

If you don't know about the Lassaigne wines, here's the scoop: Beautiful, pure expressions of the Montgueux slope in the Aube, a little island of chardonnay among fields of pinot noir. Careful, thoughtful farming. Traditional basket pressing and natural yeast fermentation. Hand disgorging of every. single. bottle.

We'll be pouring all three cuvees:

Les Vignes de Montgueux Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs
Le Cotet Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs
La Colline Inspirée Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs

Nov 7

Cider Week: Around the World Cider Adventure

4.00 PM - 7.00 PM

Cider is having a moment. Actually, it’s having a week: Cider Week: November 6 - 14th is going to give a whole new meaning to “Big Apple.” Tastings, dinners, special by-the-glass features, special pairings, cider chats – check out the schedule for all things apple. It's going to be a great week and there an any number of ways to explore this very grown-up way of getting an apple a day.

cider week.jpgcider week.jpg

We’re doing our part with a couple tastings. We're kicking off the week with an around-the-world tour of cider goodness: New York, Germany, Spain, and Vermont. There will be something for everyone, from clean and easy, to fabulously funky, with styles ranging from dessert wine sweet to bone dry. John (yes, we know, they all seemed to be named John) from Rowan will lead you on your cider adventure.

And - if you're looking to make a day of it, we HIGHLY recommend attending the Cider Chat: Women in Cider over at Wassail, New York's first cider bar. Some of our favorite people will be talking and moderating. If we weren't here, we'd be there!

Nov 11

Meet the Franschhoek Valley: Black Elephant Vintners

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

elephant.pngHump day got you down? Stop by Wednesday evening and say hello to Sam of Prime Meridian Imports. You'll get to taste a few South African wines from way off the beaten path in the Franschhoek Valley. (Sam is super excited to pour these new arrivals.)

Nov 12

It's Baaaack: Sip a Little Pineau des Charentes with Leo!

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

PM Spirits Logo.pngStop by Thursday evening to become acquainted (or reacquainted) with Pineau des Charentes, the other spirit made in Cognac (the land of all things delicious.)

Leo from PM Spirits (vendor of all spirits geeky, delicious and fancy) will be pouring Pineau des Charentes from R. Navarre. We love them and you will, too.

Nov 13

Left Coast Love: Meet Hank Beckmeyer

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Left Coast Love.jpg

NOTE THE TIME: 5PM - 7PM --> HANK HAS A DINNER TO GET TO. They're keeping him VERY busy this trip.

Oh, you don't know Hank? Well, you'll just adore him (maybe even as much as we do). He doesn't make your typical California cult wines. They don’t have any big rating points. They aren't models of super-concentrated, uber-velvety, extra-ripe tannins, but they are definitely full of flavor, texture and life. Plus, bottles sell for well below the usual Cali cult three-figure prices.

What he does offer are wines made with as little intervention as possible that reflect their terroir. La Clarine Farm is developing a slow-burn buzz. What do Hank’s wines share with historic California cult wines? The New York market doesn’t get more than a handful of cases. And Frankly Wines scoops up as many as we can get.

Nov 14

CIDER WEEK: Double Feature Tasting

3.00 PM - 5.00 PM

cider week.jpgOur Cider Week celebrations wrap up with a  double dose of autumn apple goodness. We'll be hosting Eleanor Leger from Eden Ice Cider Company and the folks at Farnum Hill Ciders for this special in-store tasting. They'll be pouring traditional sparkling ciders and lush sweet ice ciders from Vermont and New Hampshire - something for everyone!

Check out the full Cider Week schedule to see what's happening around the city.

Nov 17

Living the Dream: Go Greek with Noah

6.00 PM - 7.30 PM

Oh wine. It makes otherwise sane people do crazy things. Like, you know, become an importer and bring over a container of white wine from Crete for USA arrival in the early days of fall. EXACTLY the time of year when all wine buyers are clamoring for Greek white wine.

We jest. This isn't what our friend Noah did. Not exactly.

He did get his importing license. And his wine is white and it is from Crete and it did indeed only just clear customs in the early days of fall. But he took our sage advice and is testing the waters with an LCL order (that's "Less then Container Load" for the logistically challenged.)

And we think he has a potential hit on his hands. The wine is made from the viadiano grape, an old Greek variety that was rescued from near- extinction by a new guard of winemakers looking to the grapes for inspiration. Somehow, Noah stumbled upon the Diamantakis family winery, fell in love with the wine, couldn't fight off the mad call to import some, and here he is - on a Tuesday in the middle of November pouring it at our shop.

Which is just fine with us, because the wine is pretty tasty. At a recent tasting of wines from Crete looking for importers, it was one of our favorites. Which is a good thing because it was already on the water! Mineral, concentrated but no heavy, with a whiff of white flowers and sea breeze - it's a vacation in a bottle.

Come by to taste and chat with Noah about his experience "living the dream." (And yes, you can drink Greek wine with turkey. It should say so in the Constitution.) 

Nov 18

AUSSIE RULES: More Goodies with Gordon

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Aussie Rules.jpgGordon returns to pour our newest Aussie arrivals. Happs Semillon, Sutton Grange Rouge, and Route du Van Dolcetto Shiraz. We love these wines because they highlight that these days, Australia is a good go-to for interesting, delicious wines in the all important $15 - $20 price category. Come in for a taste and pick out something for Thanksgiving - everyone's table could use a little Australian accent!

Nov 19

Nouveau Pascal (a.k.a. Our Least Coherent Theme Yet!)

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

This tasting is a bit of a mash up. It's officially Beaujolias Nouveau day and while there may be a lot of noses turned up the stuff (we'll be perfectly honest and admit to turning up our noses at certain bottlings of it) there's some very nice nouveau out there. This year, we're going Dufaitre and PUR. Both are tasty wine in their own right - the nouveau factor is just a bonus. (We'll also be getting some Foillard, but his nouveau usually arrives in.... December.) And we're planning to bring in a couple US nouveaux - given the wine is originally about celebrating the harvest, you might as well celebrate the harvests of where you actually live, right?

So that's the nouveau part. The Pascal part is our friend Pascal, who's been here many times pouring from his South African selections. He's in town today and we wanted to have him at the tasting table before the silly season really set in. And we're never ones to let the lack of a coherent tasting theme stop us, so we invited him anyway, even if he doesn't have a proper nouveau to pour. But he will have the Radford Dale Thirst - which is a bright, juicy gamay made using carbonic maceration (a.k.a. the Beaujolais nouveau technique. And Bob's Your Uncle. Because it's fun. And as we slide into the holiday season (which we call the silly season) we could all use a little fun!!

Nov 20

Pre-T Day: What to drink while you decant what they'll drink

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

leaf.jpgZaan of Invoer brings a little pre-Thanksgiving goodness to keep you company before the company. Stop in tonight for
South African and Spanish wines to stuff a bird by!

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