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<<October 2015>>

Tastings & Events

Choose a month on the calendar to see what’s going on at Frankly Wines. Unless noted, all of our in-store tastings are free and open to anyone who drops in. So drop in and have a sip.

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Oct 1

South Africans in the City: Ginny Poval

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

south africans in the city.jpgAnother day, another winemaker. You would think this gets old hat, but no, you would be wrong. We're always tickled that winemakers want to come visit us. And we're especially ticked to have Ginny Poval of Botanica here. Her Botanica and Big Flower wines were some of our first pick ups from Pascal Schildt's portfolio and are now regulars on the shelves. Tonight, she'll pour that chenin, her pinot noir, a lovely all-season rose and the Big Flower cabernet sauvignon.

Want to rack up wine geek bonus points? Compare Ginny's Botanica pinot noir with Paul Cluver's. Elgin vs. Hamel en Aarde - a geography lesson in two bottles.

Oct 2

Friday Funday with Wine MC2

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Sometimes you try to schedule a last minute tasting and everyone is booked or out of town or getting their teeth pulled or washing their hair or otherwise disposed. And sometimes you luck out and one of your favorite reps is actually available to pour some of your favorites wines. Like tonight, when Jean Luc Lametrie pours treats from Claire Naudin, Julie Beneau and others from his band of merry growers.

Oct 7

Great Winemakers - Mystery Grapes: Anne Arbeau's Negrette

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Tonight is a definite "run, don't walk" to this tiny shop of bounty! Not only are the newest vintages of Lamoresca and Umbria's 12th Century winmakers at Collecapretta here and open for you... we're lucky to welcome one of the most playful but little known grapes south of Burgundy and it's maker Anne Arbeau of Fronton. She'll pour her lovely negrette. What's it like? You'll have to come and see!

Oct 8

South Africans in the City..... Sort of

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

south africans in the city.jpgWe won't have an actually South African at the store tonight. But we will have South African wine, poured by Sam from Meridian Prime. On the tasting table: wine from Eikendal in Stellenbosh. A lovely chardonnay that makes friends with both fans and not-fans of oak, the always charismatic Charisma red blend and a pinotage that won't send you running for the hills. So come by for a taste - the wines will still be delicious, even if they aren't poured by someone with the proper accent.

Oct 9

The Mysterious Jeffrey Alpert

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

The mysterious Jeffery Alpert* returns to pour his latest arrivals - the wines of Domaine Lassolle. These are wild wines from the Cotes du Marmandais, one of the satellite regions of Bordeaux. And they do have something Bordeaux-ish about them.... If Bordeaux found itself backstage at Woodstock, then ran off to a commune. Vigneron Stephanie Roussel has been working biodynamically since 2004 and holds to a very low-to-no SO2 added policy. These aren't squeaky clean wines - they are delicious and full of character with more to them than just fruit. You know, we try lots of wines here - all of these are unique, tasty bottles that we couldn't pass up. Considering the 100 year old vine status sported by some of Stephanie's vineyards, these wines are relative bargains - not a one over $24!

*The mysterious Jeffery Alpert arrives at 6PM. But we'll be pouring starting at 5.30PM. Come by to try... and to ask us what's so mysterious about the mysterious Jeffery Alpert.

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