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<<March 2015>>

Tastings & Events

Choose a month on the calendar to see what’s going on at Frankly Wines. Unless noted, all of our in-store tastings are free and open to anyone who drops in. So drop in and have a sip.

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Mar 11

LEFT COAST LOVE: Matthew Rorick from Forlorn Hope

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Left Coast Love.jpgBREAKING NEWS! Matthew Rorick of Forlorn Hope will be pouring at the shop. We snagged him for a little last minute tasting which will involve new and upcoming releases. These are some of our favorite magical creatures from California. We'll update this space with what the actual wines will be, but specifics don't really matter as we love them all. Rearrange your calendars and stop by!

Mar 12

#drinkny: Kings County Distillery Whiskies!

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

We are super excited to have Kings County Distillery in the store! They are New York City's oldest operating whiskey distillery, the first since prohibition. founded in 2010, Kings County makes their booze with New York grain and corn. It goes without saying that they are really tasty but I will say it! THEY ARE REALLY GOOD.

Moonshine, Bourbon, Chocolate whiskey--we have 'em all.

Plus, they also come in cute flask bottles. And you know how we are all about cute bottles at the store.

Mar 13

All Hell Breaks Loose with Camille in the Shop!

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

It's always a party when importer extraordinaire Camille Riviere hits the shop. Especially when it's a Friday. And nice out. And there's rose to be poured. (Along with favorites like Cyril Fhal's Clos du Rouge Gorge, trousseau from Stephane Tissot,and a cool, grower Bordeaux.) Kick off your weekend (really, kick off your spring) and come by for a taste!


Mar 19

Molly's Mish Mash from MFW

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Never ones to shy away from a little alliteration, we're featuring a mish mash of wines poured by friend Molly from MFW. We'll have a lovely muscadet and Riesling from Ovum in Oregon, a really lovely Saint Joseph from Benoit Roseau and one of our favorite wines-you-never-knew-you-needed, Nicolas Gonin's persan. Whites, red, light red....no matter what the weather winds up throwing our way tonight, we're covered. Stop in and try! (Extra points for the alliterative.)


Mar 20

Ariel Pours New Savio Arrivals

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

Don't let a potential first-day-of-spring snow storm get you down. Stop in and try some new arrivals for Savio Selections. We'll have a favorite white Bordeaux on the tasting table, as well as a new Trousseau from a newish-to-the-market grower Pierre Richard. And from Spain, the wine that prompted what was possibly Ariel's best sales pitch store ever: The Couto Mixto, a fun and funky, totally charming Spanish red from "the village of cats and old people." Intrigued? Stop by and hear more.


Mar 24


5.00 PM - 7.00 PM

winemaker series.jpg

Wine Mc2 Selection is bringing a boatload of winemakers to the city next week, and more than a few will be stopping in at Frankly Wines to pour their goodies. Their keeper/handler/importer, Jean-Luc is calling it a Winemakers Series. But we’ll call it what it really is – a traveling party hitting some of our favorite restaurants, wine bars and yes, other wine stores! Check out the Wine Mc2 web page for updates. Check below to see what we’re involved in.



Mc2 Winemakers Series: Tuesday Triple Threat

We’ll have a full house with not one, not two, but THREE winemakers pouring at the shop!

winemaker series.jpgLudovic Bonnelle of Domaine du Pech (from Buzet… extra points if you know where Buzet is), Pierre Michelland of Domaine de La Réaltière (from Aix en Provence, land of lovely pink wine) and Joe Swick (from Oregon and Washington – have to show some Left Coast love!)

We’re kicking things off a little earlier than usual because 1) it is a Tuesday and 2) they have to roll across the street to Racine’s for a “wild boys” evening of additional tasting and food.

Domaine du Pech (Buzet, France)
Jamicoton - $19.99
La Badinerie (Buzet France) - $37.99

Domaine de La  Réaltière (Aix en Provence, France)
Rosé "Cuvee Pastel" 2013 - $19.99
Rosé "Cuvee Pastel" 2013  Magnums! - $39.99
Carignan VV Cul Sec 2009 - $19.99

Joe Swick (Oregon & Washington)
Pinot Noir Yamhill-Carlton 2013 - $38.99
Pinot Noir Columbia Gorge 2013 - $32.99


Mar 25

Mc2 Winemakers Series: Ladies Night

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

winemaker series.jpgIt’s been a long, long, long winter so we’re looking forward to a little rose and sunshine. Which regardless of what’s happening outside, is what we’ll have pouring in the store. Tonight we’re going to the south of France, with Julie Benau from the Lauguedoc and Sophie Lafourcade of Domaine Les Luquettes from Bandol, Provence.
Two roses, two reds.

Julie Benau (Lauguedoc, France)
Picpoul - $14.99
Pinkpoul Rose - $18.99
Crop Circle Rouge - $17.99

Domaine Les Luquettes (Bandol, France)
Bandol Rose - $29.99
Bandol Rouge - $32.99


Mar 25

Mc2 Winemakers Series: Wine Dinner @ Hillside Cafe

7.00 PM - 11.00 PM

A New Face of Burgundy with Claire Naudin
(Presented by The Feiring Line, Pascalie Lepeltier & Vinegar Hill House’s Bill Fitch)

Claire Naudin.pngClaire isn’t really all that new to the Burgundy game – she took over her from her father in 1994. But her wines are relatively recent arrivals this side of the ocean and over the last couple months, have started to generate a certain buzz. Alice Feiring, of The Feiring Line Newsletter, can claim some credit for this. To quote her, Alice has been “beating the Claire drum for years. Love, love the wines. Love the human. She's wise, sensible, committed, opinionated and talented. You will be so happy to meet her and experience the fruits of her land.” We agree. The wines are beautiful, delicious, and in the world of Burgundy, relative bargains. We can’t wait for this dinner – join us!

Price: $115.33 (includes tax, tip, and ticketing fee)

Dinner will be held at Vinegar Hill House’s Hillside Cafe
70 Hudson Avenue
(in the insanely adorable Vinegar Hill neighborhood)

Click here to purchase tickets.


Mar 26


6.00 PM - 8.00 PM

Sebastien Riffault – Not Your Average Sancerre

Sancerre has sort of become a synonym for “crisp, white wine that’s not chardonnay.” And many Sancerre producers know this and use all the tricks they can to get exactly that into your glass. But not Sebastien. He lets the wines do exactly what they want – and the results are 100% Sancerre, but not like you’ve ever tasted before. He was in the shop a few years ago and I had just a few sips of his various wines – and haven’t managed to get them out of my mind. So now, several years, he’s back, his wines are on the shelf, and you’ll have a chance to be haunted by them as well.

Mar 27

Mc2 Winemakers Series: Claire Naudin

5.30 PM - 7.30 PM

winemaker series.jpgCan’t make it to Wednesday’s dinner at Hillside in Vinegar Hill? (See the blurb above.) No worries – you’ll have a second chance to meet Claire and taste her wines this evening. We’ll even have a few bottlings not poured at the dinner, including the final vintage of her cremant rose and a handful of cases of passetoutgrain.

Claire Naudin (Burgundy, France)
Cremant de Bourgogne Rose NV - $22.99
Haut Cotes de Beaune Aligote le Clou 34 2013 - $35.99
Haut Cotes de Beaune Orchis Mascula Rouge 2011 - $52.99
Cotes de Nuits Viola Odorata 2011 - $74.99
Passetoutgrain Omayga Rouge 2013 - $27.99

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