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Snap up special offers on limited availability items, close-out deals snagged from the depths of a distributor’s warehouse, or just interesting wines that we want to share.

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A Little Help with Your Ho Ho Ho

gift horizontal.jpg

It's time to get the gifts! We highly recommend taking the easy way out and just sending your gift list over to us. We may be a small store, but we can handle very big lists. We'll take care of everything from picking out the bottles, wrapping them up, and delivering them locally in NYC, and beyond.
We can handle that 100-bottle order (seriously, we've done it before) for your team, customers, clients, friends, family.... anyone over the age of +21. And we can handle that single bottle of Scotch for your very particular brother-in-law (because, yes, we sell LIQUOR). And we can handle anything in between.
Just send us an email at info@franklywines.com, give us a call, at 212.346.9544 or stop in. Give us a list and a budget and we'll make it happen.


AN UNLIKLEY VINEYARD: We have the book - and the wines

Unlikely Vineyard.jpg

Last Saturday, we were lucky enough to host Deirdre Heekin, author of An Unlikely Vineyard: The Education of a Farmer and Her Quest for Terroir and grower of otherworldly (OK, that other world = Vermont) wine for an in-shop tasting and book signing. If was a lovely way to warm up an otherwise nasty, rainy evening.

Deirdre's book, recently noted by the New York Times as one of this year’s top wine books, spins a wonderfully practical account of realizing her vision of a living farm with a table at its center. Balancing rural romance with the real concerns of sinking hands into dirt, it’s filled with tips and inspiration for the existing gardener. And it will have armchair green thumbs ready to run off and buy a tractor.

We have copies for sale (Price: $35) and of course, her lovely la garagistea wines (search: GARAGISTA). Pick up a book and a bottle for yourself and all the green thumbs on your holiday list.


NOUVEAU! It's not just for the French any more.

keuka lake nouveau.jpgKeuka Lake Vineyards Leon Millot Nouveau 2014
(Finger Lakes, New York):

New York Nouveau! Our first ever!!!! (And yes, it does warrant the excessive use of exclamation points.) This is exactly what Nouveau is meant to be – a celebration of the local harvest. This is the first of its kind (at least that we know of) in New York, so we called in a straight-from-the-barrel sample, tried it, loved it, and ordered up a bunch. It’s made from Leon Millot grape (no, we had never heard of it either.) It has a long history in the Finger Lakes where cool weather demands hardy grapes like this one, a crossing between Goldriesling and Millardet et Grasset (nope, hadn’t heard of those either.) But you don’t need to know about the grapes to know this is a tasty, fun bottle of grapey-goodness. It’s fresh, fruity, purple-y, a little spicy – all around yummy – farm-to-table in a bottle.

Price: $17.99



Liquid Turkey Leftovers: SALE!!

La Boutanche PUR.jpgLa Boutanche Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2014 (France):

This has always been the nouveau to beat for sheer fun and juicy deliciousness. From Cyril Alonzo of Maison PUR, brought to us by Cory and Guilhaume from Selection Massale, this year’s various ups the fun factor with an extra-large liter bottle. And yes, the turkey on the bottle is a fun touch (you’ll have to provide your own ‘Yo Gobble Gobble’ – or ask us to – we’re quick with the Sharpies.) But the liquid, as always, is seriously good - darker, a touch more concentrated, silky and fresh with a hint of spice.

Now just because Thanksgiving is over, it doesn't mean this wine is any less drinkable and delicious. But since it does have a big old gobbler on the label, we figured we would just declare it a 'liquid leftover' and put our last few bottles on sale. Because sometimes, the leftovers are the best part of the holiday.

Price: $15.99 (originally $18.99)


For Those Who Aren’t Afraid of a Good Cliché: Beaujolais Nouveau

dufaitr.jpgL. et R. Dufaitre Beaujolais-Village Nouveau 2014 (France):

With vineyards are mainly in the village of Brouilly, the wines of Laurence and Remi Dufaitre (including this Nouveau) are light, red-fruity and very very pretty. Think fresh, just on the cusp-of-ripeness strawberry juice. But with an earthy kick that makes this more than just your basic bojo novo. The classic turkey-day wine, this one will remain delicious well into the new year.

Price: $16.99


Your Secret Santa Solution: MYSTERY BOTTLES!

mystery bottles - secret santa.jpgTis the season for Secret Santas.

We know drill: Spend no more than $20 on something you can round up during your lunch hour. Scramble around for wrapping paper. Remind yourself not to sign up for this next year.

Well, our Mystery Bottles are the perfect solution. Give us $20 (that’s $18.37 + sales tax) and we’ll give you a bottle of wine, already wrapped, tasting note included. It’s sort of like Las Vegas in a bag – sometimes you’ll win a little, sometimes you’ll lose a little – and sometimes you’ll hit the jackpot! On average, you’ll wind up with a wine that would normally retail in the low twenties.

Each bottle includes a brief tasting so your officemate elf will know what they’re about to open. The note also lets you know the bottle’s original price – so they’ll know just how well you fared in our version of wine roulette.

Santa never had it so easy.

Price: $18.37 ($20 including tax)

Specificy RED or WHITE in the comments box at check out.


The Well Edited Wine Club

$45.92 monthly (that’s $50 with sales tax)
Bonus: 10% off any 6 bottles; 15% off 12 bottles

Top 5 Reasons to join:

delivery truck - left.jpg1.) Your book club needs more interesting wine
2.) Discover wines you never knew you needed
3.) You want to learn? You need to drink!
4.) Fermented fruit of the month!
5.) You get thirsty. Your friends get thirsty.

What? You need more reasons? It’s $50 bucks a month, including sales tax, for two to four bottles selected by us.

Good stuff.
Fun stuff.
Stuff we really like… and hope you like too.

Do you really need any more reasons? (If you do, read our extra long explanation here.)

Details, details, details:
FREE in-store pick up and delivery below Canal  Street.
Elsewhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn: $10 a month. Beyond that: $15 a month.
Shipping fees will not appear in shopping cart. They will be added manually.

Subscription members billed monthly.
3 and 6-month pre-paid options also available (and are a great gift idea.)


For those who would rather drink beer

zago.jpgCa dei Zago Prosecco Fondo NV (Valdobbiadene, Italy):

No we can’t sell beer. So this isn’t exactly beer. But it is our “sort of beer-like” substitute. It’s actually prosecco, but unlike your typical prosecco, it’s not made in a pressurized tank. Instead, it’s fermented in the bottle, ‘col fondo’ (with sediment), the old-school, pre-tank method.It’s bone dry, very refreshing, slightly cloudy, more foamy than full-blown bubbly and tastes a little like…. beer.

Price: $21.99

A limited number of magnums are also available for $43.99. Because sometimes, let's be honest, size does matter.


Liquid Sunshine Suggestion: Folk Machine Valdiguie

Folk Machine Valdiduie 2013 
(Redwood Valley, California):

folk machine.jpgLooks like a jewel in the glass. Tastes like liquid sunshine. And that bright pink label? This is a wine that could make the Grinch smile. If you're keeping track of the various Valdiguies we’ve stocked (and we know there are a few of you) this one has more concentration than the “elephant label one" from Matthew Rorick And it’s got a touch more juicy fruit earth than the Broc one. And for those not keeping track, trust us – this wine is sheer pleasure: juicy, berry fruitiness with a touch of earth to keep it interesting and a zippy structure to keep it lively. Grab yourself a bottle. But grab it quickly – it's always a favorite and there's not much of it.)

Price: $23.99


IT'S SO PRETTY! (and also pretty delicious)

tricot.jpgLovely label.
Lovely wine.
Made by a lovely couple.

After early oenophilic training in Beaujolais and time with Morgon natural wines legend Marcel LaPierre, Vincent Tricot met and married Marie and the two went chasing pre-phylloxera vines, settling in Auvergene.. the new hotbed of non-interventionist wine-making. You can taste the result of their 12 years of discovery in terroir, technique, talent and cellaring in each bottle.

Wait… non-interventionist wine-making? Natural wine? We won’t go into too much detail, but these are wines made with as little mucking around as possible. No added enzymes, flavored yeasts, wood chips, Megapurple, etc. etc. etc. Wines that are made as wine… not as “product.”  (Intrigued? Terrified? Subscribe to Alice Feiring’s newsletter and learn more.)

Anyway, back to the wine at hand:

Vincent Tricot "Les Petites Fleurs" NV (Loire Valley, France): $22.99 

The fruit is bursting with juicy, classic gamay notes - red cherry, a touch of black cherry skins and the slightest boysenberry lacing the glass. That bonanza is augmented by an undercurrent of soft, soft tannins and distance hillside brambles that hint at Tricot's care given to "letting the terroir speak through the vine." Great as summer barbecue drinking or savored as an evening's focus.




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