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moulin.jpgDomaine des Cotes de la Moliere Les Moulin a Vent 2011: Isabelle and Bruno Perraud make this Moulin a Vent and I love it. So much that I bought, oh, 25 cases. The only 25 cases in the country. So if you try it and like it, you’ll either need to visit the Perrauds in France, or visit me. (French winemakers may be charming, but I’m much more convenient!)  It’s one of those wines that shows best with a slight chill (it was the hit of our summertime “Chilled Reds” tasting – and can go for days without losing its tastiness.  Dark berry fruits, mulberry skins, a touch of dusky minerality and texture that manages to be a touch silky and crunchy all at once. (‘Crunchy??’  Yes, crunchy. Think of that snap of freshness when you bite into an apple. That’s crunchy. And it’s a very good thing.)  Pick one up one to try. Give it a good chill. And then come back from more!

Price: $24.99
6-bottle price: $135 ($22.50/bottle)
12-bottle price: $240 ($20/bottle)

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lucchetti.jpgLucchetti Lacrima di Morro d'Alba 2012
(Campania, Italy)

One of the most unique reds we’ve come across. The nose is floral: lilacs, lilies, even roses. But take a sip and you’ll also get berries and a bit of earthiness. Best with a bit of a chill, this a love it or hate it wine. But there are enough of you that love it…that are obsessed with it…that we have needed to it as it bounced from distributor to distributor. Sure we’ve had a few other Lacrimas di Morro d’Alba on the shelf, and they have a similar, wacky-unique profile, but this is THE ONE. The one that brings on longing and lust and whining and crying whenever it’s not available. It’s been about a year since it was available… and it has been a long year. But it’s back. And on the shelf. So come and get it all you Lucchetti-lovers, because we can’t promise how long it will stick around.

Price: $16.99


Liquid Sunshine Suggestion: Holly's Garden Pinot Noir

Neil Prentice Holly's Garden Pagan Pinot Noir 2011
(Whitlands, Victoria, Australia)

hollys.jpgIt’s time to re-think Australian wine. While there’s still plenty of big, jammy kangaroo-style juice available, there’s a lot of wine diversity over on the other side of the world. And good for us, more and more is making it over here. Like this sunny little bottle of Pinot Noir. It’s light, almost translucent, with just-shy-of-ripe fruit that plays wonderfully with the hint of thyme that you’ll find in many wines from this region. (It’s not actually thyme… it’s a hint of eucalyptus that may actually come from the leaves of the trees that surround the vineyard.) If you’re looking to be surprised by what Australia is doing these days, pick up a bottle. If you’re looking for a bright and fresh chillable red, pick up a bottle. Heck, just pick up a bottle!

Price: $24.99


The Well Edited Wine Club

$45.92 monthly (that’s $50 with sales tax)
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Top 5 Reasons to join:

delivery truck - left.jpg1.) Your book club needs more interesting wine
2.) Discover wines you never knew you needed
3.) You want to learn? You need to drink!
4.) Fermented fruit of the month!
5.) You get thirsty. Your friends get thirsty.

What? You need more reasons? It’s $50 bucks a month, including sales tax, for two to four bottles selected by us.

Good stuff.
Fun stuff.
Stuff we really like… and hope you like too.

Do you really need any more reasons? (If you do, read our extra long explanation here.)

Details, details, details:
FREE in-store pick up and delivery below Canal  Street.
Elsewhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn: $10 a month. Beyond that: $15 a month.
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Subscription members billed monthly.
3 and 6-month pre-paid options also available (and are a great gift idea.)



Bebame Red Wine Sierra Foothills 2012
(El Dorado County, California):

bebame.jpgMainly cabernet franc with a touch of gamay. Way less than 14% ABV. This is clearly not your usual blockbuster Cali red. You can drink it with a chill... and you can drink a lot of it. It’s a joint project between Don Heistuman (of Portland-based distributor Domaine Selections) and Steve Edmunds (who was doing new wave Cali before it was cool, at Edmunds St. John.) That’s Alice (of Wonderland) on the label and because rules didn’t allow her little bottle to say “Drink Me,” as it does in the book, the guys just named the wine Bebame instead. So brush up on your Spanish and do as the name say. Often.

Price: $18.99




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