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The Feiring Line Wine Society

In my spare time (generally between the hours of midnight and 2AM) I do a little copy editing for Alice Feiring’s newsletter, The Feiring Line, which is devoted to ‘natural’ wines and the people who make them. Over the holidays, I convinced her to put together a long-discussed sampler pack of some of her favorites. It was a hit. Such a hit that she was convinced that a monthly Alice-picked wine club could be a success. So here it is, the introduction of the Feiring Line Wine Society. I’ll let her tell you all about it below.


FEIRING LINE SUPER PACKS - Just in Time for the Holidays!

star wishing.jpg

It’s that time of the year! Time for The Feiring Line Super Packs.

Last year’s option was such a hit that this year, we’re expanding. We have a $250 6-Bottle Option and a $125 3-Bottle Option. As always, I highly recommend the ‘One for Them, One for You’ method of gift giving. Details from Alice (plus all that pesky fine print) are below.


Call it a sampler, call it a lark, call it delicious, call it fun. Whatever you want to call it, there's still time to grab one of the few remaining cases before year end... or possibly even before XMAS depending on where you are. Ask us for details. 

These are our kind of classic wines. Organic/biodynamic, non-spoof wines with no to low S02, and all are very rare, obscure, or otherwise hard to get your hands on.





FEIRING LINE SUPER PACK: $250 6-Bottle Option

2012 Domaine des Rouges-Queue Maranges 1er Cru, “Clos Roussots: Chanel #5 and the dusty goodness of a real Burgundy. It’s high-toned, fancy tasting with plenty of structure.

2006 ArPePe Stella Retica Sassella: Nebbiolo from the mountains of Valtelinna, translates into age worthy beauty of cherry, roses and structure.

1999 Domaine Oikonomoy (Economou): Speaking of mountain nebbiolo, that's what this from Crete reminds me of, so taste it side by side the ArPePe. Gorgeous stuff.

2010 Emidio Pepe Pecorino: From the superstar of Abruzzo. They make very little of it, this was their first commercial vintage and it is a star. Salty and rich with touch of caramel and the most acrobatic food pairer to date.

2002 JB Becker Riesling Spatlese Wallufer Walkenberg: How happy are we  to offer a riesling worthy of the name with some age? Classic aging on this, a nose that slays you with roses and waxy seduction. Old school.

2012 Tissot Cremant Indigene Non Degorgé: Knocked me out when I tasted it. Rich stuff yet refreshing, and very champagne-like. Neither sugar nor commercial yeasts are used for either the primary or secondary fermentations. 50% chardonnay, 40% pinot noir 10% trousseau/poulsard. 7gr RS but feels dry.

Price: $250 (+tax and delivery where applicable)


FEIRING LINE SUPER PACK: $125 3-Bottle Option

A neat, tidy red, white, and sparkling sub-set of the 6-Bottle Option.

2006 ArPePe Stella Retica Sassella
2002 JB Becker Riesling Spatlese Wallufer Walkenberg
2012 Tissot Cremant Indigene Non Degorgé

Price: $125 (+tax and delivery where applicable)



There's always got to be something, right? We'll keep it brief.

Item Substitutions:

There's a slight risk we'll sell out of one or two of these wines list above. We have excellent replacements lined up, but if it happens, we confirm with you before shipping.

Delivery Fee Details:

The $250 sets will ship free anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn. For the $125 line up, it's $15 in Manhattan, and $20 to Brooklyn. (Ignore all that if it's to a Manhattan address below Canal Street - that's free, always.)

Beyond Manhattan & Brooklyn, shipping for either set ranges from $15 - $20, with a few far flung states pushing $30. And thanks to those pesky laws, there are few places we just can’t ship at all.

Full details and rates are here.


The Feiring Line Wine Society (a.k.a. A Wine Club)

alice picture.jpg

Photo credit: © James Robinson 2013

In my spare time (generally between the hours of midnight and 2AM) I do a little copy editing for Alice Feiring’s newsletter, The Feiring Line, which is devoted to ‘natural’ wines and the people who make them. Some of these wines are not so easy to find, no matter where you are. So about a year ago, we launched a long-discussed monthly Alice-picked wine club, the Feiring Line Wine Society. I’ll let her tell you all about it:

Here's a potential monthly surprise at your doorstep.  As of right this moment,  I announce the debut of The Feiring Line Wine Society. This is actually what is known as a wine club, but I really don't want to be clubby about it.

You can trust that the wines are all my totally subjective selections and driven by taste, not by marketing or margin. $75 a month gets you 2-4  bottles of what I consider winey adventures.  Most months it will be three bottles, but I reserve the right to mix it up.

Maybe you’ll love them all, maybe you won’t, but you’ll be able to explore several of the discoveries I talk about in the newsletter and understand what I like and why I like it. The thing here is that I am only selling you wines I love, ones that I choose. For the most part these are wines that are limited edition, hard to find and not in most markets.   -- Alice

What’s it cost:  $75/month + tax + shipping


The Fine Print:

You are buying a monthly subscription to The Feiring Line Wine Society. We will contact you to confirm the month in which your club shipments will begin.  Going forward, you will automatically be billed on the 5th of each month, $75 + any shipping* and taxes. If you would like to cancel your membership (but why would you want to do that?) just let us know by the 1st of the month. 

The wines are generally ready for shipment or pick up mid-month and there are no substitutions... what Alice wants is what you get. Shipping charges for your initial purchase WILL NOT appear in your shopping cart and we will contact you to confirm them.

3 -and 6 -month options are also available with upfront billing for the full membership term.

Any questions, send an email to christy@franklywines.com and we’ll sort you out.

*Shipping Fees:

Free in-store pick up. Free delivery below Canal Street. $10 in Manhattan or Brooklyn. $15 anywhere else we can ship. Consolidated shipping is available at $5 for each additional month of wines sent. (e.g. if you ship three months worth of wine clubs to Ohio at one time, you will be charged $15 + $5 + $5 = $25.) If the weather is too hot or too cold to ship, we will let you know.

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