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Fine Wine. No Attitude.

At Frankly Wines, we offer our version of the well-stocked wine closet: a well-edited selection of daily essentials, quirky finds, and higher end treasures for when you’re feeling flush.

You’ll also find wines and spirits from most major (and minor) regions of the world. We make sure every bottle represents great value – we spend as much time selecting the $10 bottles as the fancier stuff.

Browse our full selection or scroll down to see our featured wines, spirits, and Sampler Packs.

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Featured Wine: AUSSIE RULES: Domaine Lucci / Lucy Margaux

IMG_6162.JPGDomaine Lucci / Lucy Margaux is a dual-named winery (which happens to look a bit like a shack) owned by Anton van Klopper, one of the wildmen of Australian winemaking. Along with James Eskine of Jauma and Tom Shobbrook of Shobbrook Wines, Anton is part of a group called the Natural Selection Theory. All three are committed to making wine as minimally as possible – a revolutionary idea in Australia. They’re part of a conversation just beginning to happen over there (and it’s going to be fascinating to listen to… because this is a country that doesn’t shy away from technical wine discussions.)

I love these wines. Not just because I managed to sneak in a visit to Anton’s farm/winery/shack during a trip to Australia a few years back. And not just because they are ‘natural.’ (And not just because they have really cool labels designed by his teenage daughter.) I love them because they are delicious and drinkable and reflect the madness and mischief of their maker. 

I hope you'll love them too.


Domaine Lucci / Lucy Margaux: THE WHITE ONE

Domaine Lucci Gris Blanc 2015
(Adelaide Hills, Australia)

gris blanc.jpgPinot Gris. Pinot Grigio. Same grape, right? Yes, but not yes. "Gris" typically indicates a wine made in a fleshier, more complex style than your basic striped down "crisp white wine." And this one is no exception to that loose rule. It's definteily not stipped down version of anything. It's the saignee (bled off) white juice of the crazy pink Gris Gris above, fermented in a combination of ceramic and oak. It's fleshy and textured and almost opulent, but with an underlying minerality that's there if you look for it. Dare we say it's sexy? Yes, we dare.

Price $39.99

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Featured Wine: Domaine Lucci / Lucy Margaux: THE RED ONE

Domaine Lucci Wildman Pinot Noir 2015
(Adelaide Hills, Australia)

Wwldman noir.jpge're not sure what's behind the "Wildman" name. We've heard it makes reference to Tim Wildman, MW extraordinaire and leader of the fabulous James Busby wineland tours. Or it could easily refer to Anton himself - not a stretch given this is the man who's been known to wear hot pants to official Aussie tasting events. Or may it refers to the general wildness of the wine - whole bunch, nothing-done-to-it pinot noir that manages to be juicy and earthy, structured and gluggable, a touch funky but not at all dirty. If you've had the Noir de Florette, this one is the deeper, darker, very slightly more grown up version. It's awesome. And a great peek into all that's new and different... and wild... from the land down under.

Price $49.99

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Featured Wine: LAST YEAR'S ROSE

Common logic would state that you shouldn't drink last year's pink stuff. You want fresh! And new! And young! Because rose doesn’t age! At all! Ever! And while it’s true that many rosés don’t really benefit from extra time in the bottle, there are quite a few that do. They’re still charming and delicious and just the thing for a warm spring day, but they develop just a bit of extra complexity, which is a good thing. Even if you’re not paying attention to it, it’s there and will make your pink-drinking even more enjoyable. And the added bonus – the wines are usually excellent deals because our suppliers need to move them along and make room for the incoming YOUNG! FRESH! NEW! vintage to arrive. So better wine… for less money? What’s not to love?

Here are a few of our favorite “old” rosés. Break the rules. (And don't fear their less-than-virginal pink blush.) Grab a few bottles now. Because when they are gone, they’re gone for good. (Consider yourself warned.)

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Featured Wine: LAST YEAR'S ROSE: The One for People Who Don't Like Rose

Kaye Syrah Rose 2014 (Sonoma, California):

I really don’t know all that much about this wine. Syrah grapes. From the organic Solstice Vineyard in Sonoma, owned by Tony Coturri, a natural winemaker from the days before “natural wine” was a buzzy, cool-kid wine word. It’s unfined, unfiltered, nothing added, no color-stripping, etc. etc. etc. So all that good stuff is assumed. But what I do know for sure? It’s delicious. And very much in that category of “rose for people who don’t like rose.” Deeply colored – electric pink – with oomph and a bit of structure, layered and lushly textured. I had it at a tasting a few weeks back – one sip among many. I went back for more. I was told there were just two cases left. I took them. They’re here. So grab some!

Price: $23.99

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Fancy Pants Wine: LAST YEAR'S ROSE: The Worth-the-Splurge One

JUTTA.orli.jpgJutta Ambrositsch Rosa Ambrositsch 2014 (Vienna, Austria):


Jutta won’t believe how beautiful this wine is! OK, groan-worthy puns aside, Jutta Ambrositsch’s rose really is beautiful wine. When not in the vineyard, she’s a graphic designer, so the attention paid to the details isn’t all that surprising. A gorgeous shimmery pink in a lean, tall bottle with a clean, minimal label, this wine is beautiful to look at. And it’s beautiful to taste. It’s striped down, elegant, with crystalline berry notes and subtle minerality. Layers are there if you’re looking for them. Or just gaze on the beauty of the bottle. Either way, it’s worth the splurge.


Price: $39.99

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Featured Wine: LAST YEAR'S ROSE: The Pink Grapefruit One

Henri Milan Ma Terre Cotes de Provence Rose 2014 (Provence, France):

We love this one. But full warning – it’s unfined and unfiltered and that extra year in the bottle has resulted in a bit of sediment (well….maybe more than a bit). You see this in red wines with age, so it’s also expected in the pink ones – it just happened more quickly in this particular bottling. We’ll admit that the floaties can look a little scary in the bottle, but don’t let them frighten you off. Because you don’t want to miss this one – it’s tangy and tart with pink grapefruit notes. Breakfast wine, if you’re in need of one. Super refreshing – almost bracingly so. So just decant it. Or pour it slowly straight into your glass. Or plastic cup…. Because this one is just about perfect for porch pounding. (Or park bench pounding, if you’re not in possession of an actual porch.)

Price: $17.99

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Featured Wine: ROSE MADNESS: The One in the Box

Montebernardi Fuori Strada Off Road Rosado 2015 (Sicily, Italy):

We'll start with the technical stuff. It's not really wine in a box. It's wine in a Tetra Pak, which is a light, eco-efficient packaging method. It looks like a juice box, or those milk cartons you'll see in Europe. And while it has many advantages (one key advantage: it's light enough to take on a hike, should you want wine on your hike... doesn't everyone want wine on a hike?), prolonging the life of the wine once it's opened isn't one of them. That's what fancy bag-in-box technology does. And this is not that.

But enough technical jabbering. The wine? How's the wine? Well, it's super-tasty. Dry but not severely so. There's a nice punch of watermelon fruit and maybe a tiny hit of something spicy. It's organic. It's vegan (certified, even.) And its in liter size. The more the merrier.

Price: $13.99

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Fancy Pants Wine: A Taste of Heaven, From a Place Called Hell

enfer.jpgJust in - the newest vintage of one of our favorite wines: Danilo Thomain Enfer d'Avier 2014 (Vallee d'Aoste, Italy).

It's from a tiny sub-region high up in the Valle d'Aoste where it can get hot during the day. As hot as hell... or in this case, as hot as enfer. A classic Alpine wine - all brambly, wild berries, with a rough and tumble rustic richness, balanced by classic Alpine freshness. And as with past vintges, it's one of those wines that may even be better the second day...even the third day. Maybe for an eternity, which would be handy if you actually find yourself in the Dante-esque scene depicted on the label. So grab a bottle, pop it open, and try really, really hard to make it last past day one. (We can't promise you'll make it to heaven, but you can at least have a taste!)

At $29.99, it may not be the least expensive bottle you'll ever buy, but you still won't have to sell your soul to get it.

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Fancy Pants Wine: The Hills are Alive... with Altesse!

Altesse2.jpgLes Grangeons de l Albarine Altesse en Paradis 2013 (Bugey, France):

If there were ever a moment for personification of a grape, it is when describing the Savoie / Bugey beauty Altesse. She is the fresh air that graces the valley, gazing upon the alps. She is graceful and innocent. She wears cranberry silk slips and strappy kitten heels and a flatteringly floral fragrance formulated just for her in a fancy Parisian parfumerie. Imagine Maria, from the Sound of Music, post-nunnery, on a trip to post-war Paris.

Or forget all that and just trust us - this is lovely, lovely wine. 

It's made from the altesse grape, grown in Bugey (which is not the same thing as the Savoie), made by young vigneron Luc Bauer in a converted barn in the Albarine Valley. It is unmanipulated: farmed organically, fermented spontaneously, with very low additions of SO2. It's rolly poly but light on its feet. Silky with crunchy minerality and bright, fresh yellow apple notes with a textured, lasting finish. It's one of our favorite things. (OK, OK, enough with the Sound of Music references.)

Price: $29.99

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Fancy Pants Wine: Look What the White Rhone Fairy Left!

Souhout Blanc.jpgHerve Souhaut Blanc 2012 (L'Ardeche, Rhone, France):

Silky and lush, yet supple and lifted. This elegant wine from arguably, one of the best wine producing regions in the world is laden with pear and fig notes, as well as extremely balanced minerality without any added SO2.

Who would have expected this delight from from vines that are considered ancient in the winemaking world: between 50 and 100 years old!

Price: $29.99
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Fancy Pants Wine: BRING ON THE BUBBLES: The Old School One

Clouet Champagne (2).jpgPaul Clouet Champagne Grand Cru Brut Cuvee Prestige NV (Champagne, France):

Lush fruit meets bold balance. This is opulence in a glass, with excellent balance and a wealth of fruit. The "cool kid" champagnes of the moment may be all about screaming acid and zero dosage - and while the best of them are excellent, it's hard to pull off. And the prices.... up up up! Meanwhile, I will shout loud and proud that I love the old school stuff. Rich, brioche-laden bubbly goodness with the dosage wonderfully balanced and firmly in place. (For those asking "do-what???", dosage is the bit of sugar juice that's added before bottling to finish off the wine and balance out the wine's naturally high acidity. "More" doesn't necessarily mean "sweeter." Well, yes, it does, technically, but some wines with a higher dosage can appear less sweet than those with lower dosage - it's all about the balance.) Tech lessons aside, this wine is definitely, 100% not sweet, so don't be scared. What it is - lush, opulent, sexy stuff. Old school Champagne? I will always love you.

Price: $64.99
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Featured Wine: Explore Something New:


$45.92 monthly (that’s $50 with sales tax)
Bonus: 10% off any 6 bottles; 15% off 12 bottles

Top 5 Reasons to join:

delivery truck - left.jpg1.) Your book club needs more interesting wine
2.) Discover wines you never knew you needed
3.) You want to learn? You need to drink!
4.) Fermented fruit of the month!
5.) You get thirsty. Your friends get thirsty.

What? You need more reasons? It’s $50 bucks a month, including sales tax, for two to four bottles selected by us.

Good stuff.
Fun stuff.
Stuff we really like… and hope you like too.

Do you really need any more reasons? (If you do, read our extra long explanation here.)

Details, details, details:
FREE in-store pick up and delivery below Canal  Street.
Elsewhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn: $10 a month. Beyond that: $15 a month.
Shipping fees will not appear in shopping cart. They will be added manually.

Subscription members billed monthly.
3 and 6-month pre-paid options also available (and are a great gift idea.)

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Fleurie.jpgMaison B. Perraud Fleurie 2014 (Fleurie, Beaujolais, France): 

Isabelle and Bruno Perraud make this Fleurie and I love it. I love pretty much everything from Maison B. Perraud and buy as much as I can direct from one of my favorite importers, Jeffery Alpert. In many cases, to get these wines you’ll either need to visit the Perrauds in France, or visit me. And while French winemakers may be charming, Frankly Wines is much more convenient! 

So… the wine… it hits all the right “thinking wine” buttons – no mucking around in the winery, minimal sulfur addition, great care taken in the vineyards, blah blah blah. And bonus points because it’s quite delicious. It’s one of those wines that shows best with a slight chill (don't be afraid, we're very serious about this) and can go for days without losing its tastiness. Dark berry fruits, mulberry skins, underlying minerality and texture that manages to be a touch silky and crunchy all at once. (‘Crunchy??’ Yes, crunchy. Think of that snap of freshness when you bite into an apple. That’s crunchy. And it’s a very good thing.) Pick one up one to try. And then come back for more!

Price: $29.99

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Spirits : Lady-Made Booze

Owney's Original Small Batch Rum (Brooklyn, New York)
Owneys instore pic.JPG

Lady-Made Booze (but you don't have to be a lady to drink it.) 

From the Noble Experiment Distillery, Owneys is named after an infamous New York bootlegger. Master distiller Bridget Firtle really wanted to showcase New York history in a bottle so the name seemed a fitting touch. Besides the sugar cane molasses, the water is all locally sourced from the tap. New York's finest!

As for the final product? It's a white rum but with more flavor than most. You can sip it, or use it to whip up some fantastic cocktails. (All daiquiris welcome.) Bring a little local love to your summer bar. 

Price: $36.99

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Fancy Pants Wine: A Very Pretty Bouzy Rouge

Bouzy Rouge.jpgBenoit Lahaye Bouzy Rouge NV (2012) (Coteaux Champenois, France): Bouzy Rouge… absolute best wine name ever. Try to say it without smiling. Nearly impossible. Yes, it’s Bouzy, (a village in the Montagne de Reims area of Champagne) not ‘boozy.’ But it sounds the same. It’s a Coteaux Champenois – a catch-all for "still wines made in what would otherwise be called Champagne if they were sparkling."

I will admit, I am a bit obsessed with these wines, and Benoit Lahaye’s is the one that set me off. It was probably over five years ago (oh how time flies!) that we had one at the shop in a line-up of random bottles brought over by John’s friend from France. There were some stunning wines open, but the Lahaye Bouzy Rouge was my favorite. It was delicious – gorgeous red Pinot Noir fruit with a bright, firm core of minerality. The elegance, purity, and focus of Burgundy combined with the liveliness and drinkability of really good Beaujolais. There was also a certain element of wanting what you can’t have: like all Coteaux Champenois, this one is made only in tiny quantities, and it wasn’t currently for sale in the US market.

Fast forward to now, and there’s a quiet buzz building around Benoit Lahaye’s bubbles. (Google him, and you’ll find plenty of background, including an early piece by Champagne-sage Peter Liem.) And his Bouzy Rouge? Two years ago I managed to beg, plead, and pester dear importer Jeffrey Alpert into getting me five cases. Last year, with interest in Lahaye and Coteaux Champenois building among the wine retail set, I managed to get one case. This year, I pulled rank and snagged two. We couldn't resiste opening a bottle at the shop and it's as delicious as ever.

So if you’re looking for something special and value rarity, a good story, and sheer deliciousness, then this is your wine.

SALE PRICE: $59.99

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Frankly Wines Club: The Feiring Line Wine Society (a.k.a. A Wine Club)

alice picture.jpg

Photo credit: © James Robinson 2013

In my spare time (generally between the hours of midnight and 2AM) I do a little copy editing for Alice Feiring’s newsletter, The Feiring Line, which is devoted to ‘natural’ wines and the people who make them. Some of these wines are not so easy to find, no matter where you are. So about a year ago, we launched a long-discussed Alice-picked wine club could be a success, the Feiring Line Wine Society. I’ll let her tell you all about it.... click here to learn more.

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Spirits : Mahia Makes it Big!

016.JPGNahmias et Fils Mahia Fig and Aniseed Spirit (New York):

Rock musicians crave the cover of Rolling Stone. The equivalent for the New York wine/food/booze person would be the Dining & Wine Section of the New York Times. We’ve been in its pages and it is a thrill! So we’re super excited to see Dorit and David Nahmias of Nahmias et Fils smiling out at us. We’ve had them in the shop to pour their really lovely Mahia fig brandy. This beautiful spirit has been distilled by Moroccan Jews for generations and the Nahmias family continues the tradition just up in Yonkers. We could tell you more… or you could just read what Alice wrote. And then come buy it here. P.S. It’s certified Kosher! P.P.S. It's wonderfully refreshing with lemonade!

Price: $39.99

  More Spirits s
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