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Fine Wine. No Attitude.

At Frankly Wines, we offer our version of the well-stocked wine closet: a well-edited selection of daily essentials, quirky finds, and higher end treasures for when you’re feeling flush.

You’ll also find wines and spirits from most major (and minor) regions of the world. We make sure every bottle represents great value – we spend as much time selecting the $10 bottles as the fancier stuff.

Browse our full selection or scroll down to see our featured wines, spirits, and Sampler Packs.

Features And Specials




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Featured Wine: AN UNLIKLEY VINEYARD: More wines on the way.


We're (temporarily) out of Deirdre's wines. It looks like more than a few of you saw that feature in the New York Times. But more will be coming soon. We'll be getting the tiny production Grace and Favour still and sparkling, some Harlots and Ruffians, a bit of Lupo in Bocca, and maybe a touch more of the Ci Confondos. So if you'd like to be put in the loop, send us an email and we'll keep you posted.

garagista book and bottles.jpg

We've been lucky enough to host Deirdre Heekin, author of An Unlikely Vineyard: The Education of a Farmer and Her Quest for Terroir and grower of otherworldly (OK, that other world = Vermont) wine for a number of in-shop tastings and book signing. She's poured us her just-released crop of petnat sparklers as well as her unique and delicious still wines. And now the secret is really out - her wines have just received a very large, very beautiful, very well-deserved feature in the New York Times!

We love selling Deirdre's wines. They are liquid proof that native grapes and New England weather are not incompatible with organic farming and beautiful wines. To see what's available, go to our WINES page and search on "garagista"

We also have copies of Deirdre's book, noted by the New York Times as one of last year’s top wine books, which spins a wonderfully practical account of realizing her vision of a living farm with a table at its center. Balancing rural romance with the real concerns of sinking hands into dirt, it’s filled with tips and inspiration for the existing gardener. And it will have armchair green thumbs ready to run off and buy a tractor. (Add it to your cart just below!) 

Price: $35

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marenas vineyard.jpgEver wonder, "Is Pedro Ximenez anything more than a sherry-only grape?" Wonder no more! These selections, from Marenas Bodega y Vinedo in Spain's Andalucia region, deliver two tasty contrasts and one resounding, "Yes!"

Bodega founder Jose Miguel Marquez makes honest wines loaded with minerality from some very complex grapes.

Taste pedro ximenez through an expanded Spanish palate.

The two-pack includes:

Marenas Vinedo y Bodega Pedro Ximenez Mediacapa 2014
Marenas Vinedo y Bodega Pedro Ximenez Bajo Velo 2011

Price: $48.99 ($54 if purchased separately)

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Sampler Packs: Cabernet Franc 2-Pack Sampler: East Coast/West Coast

2pk cab franc.jpgNot all cabernet franc is created equal, and not all is from France. This two-pack highlights two of our favorite producers state-side making delicious cabernet franc in two different ways, showcasing the grape's versatility from coast to coast.

The two-pack includes:

Lo-Fi Cabernet Franc 2014 (Santa Ynez, California)

Southold Farm + Cellar Flying and Falling Cabernet Franc 2014 (Long Island, New York)

Price: $57.99 ($70 if purchased separately)
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moulin.jpgDomaine des Cotes de la Moliere Moulin-a-Vent 2013: Isabelle and Bruno Perraud make this Moulin a Vent and I love it. This is one of those wines that shows best with a slight chill (it's always a hit of our summertime “Chilled Reds” tasting – and can go for days without losing its tastiness.  Dark berry fruits, mulberry skins, a touch of dusky minerality and texture that manages to be a touch silky and crunchy all at once. (‘Crunchy??’  Yes, crunchy. Think of that snap of freshness when you bite into an apple. That’s crunchy. And it’s a very good thing.)  Pick one up one to try. Give it a good chill. And then come back from more.

(NOTE: Yes, the picture is from the 2011 vintage. But we like it. So we're recycling it. But the bottles in the shop are 2013.)

Price: $29.99


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Spirits : Mahia Makes it Big!

016.JPGNahmias et Fils Mahia Fig and Aniseed Spirit (New York):

Rock musicians crave the cover of Rolling Stone. The equivalent for the New York wine/food/booze person would be the Dining & Wine Section of the New York Times. We’ve been in its pages and it is a thrill! So we’re super excited to see Dorit and David Nahmias of Nahmias et Fils smiling out at us. We’ve had them in the shop to pour their really lovely Mahia fig brandy. This beautiful spirit has been distilled by Moroccan Jews for generations and the Nahmias family continues the tradition just up in Yonkers. We could tell you more… or you could just read what Alice wrote. And then come buy it here. P.S. It’s certified Kosher! P.P.S. It's wonderfully refreshing with lemonade!

Price: $39.99

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Fancy Pants Wine: BRING ON THE BUBBLES: The Unforgettable Pink One

Laval Rose.jpgGeorge Laval Champagne Premier Cru Cumières Brut Nature Rose NV (Champagne, France):

In the world of Champagne rosé, this is a stunning value. It's the Champagne rosé that left a lasting impression: it's developed a nose of ripe, luscious strawberries balanced by pastry crust. Laval's fruit is pristine; organically grown with minimal intervention in the winery. The result is unforgettable and the color is the perfect blushing-bride-after-her-wedding-day shade of pink. (Disgorged 10.31.2013)

Price: $131.99
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Spirits : GOT LUXARDO? Make Your Own Boozy Cherries

boozy cherries lux.jpgIt’s super easy to whip up a batch of Wendy’s boozy, sweet cocktail cherries. Practice now and when summer comes and the markets are full of baskets of cherries, you’ll be able to whip up bowls full. (We’ve always thought the saying should be life is just a bowl of BOOZY cherries!)

Check out Wendy’s full post for more ways to use these easy treats. You’ll even learn to make your own cherry pitter from a fork (because the hardest part of this recipe is pitting the cherries.)

Boozy Cocktail Cherries

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 cinnamon stick
1 inch piece orange zest
1 pound sweet cherries, pitted
1 cup of
Luxardo Il Maraschino

How to:
Place sugar, water, lemon juice, zest and cinnamon in large sauce pot and simmer on medium heat till stirring occasionally. Let liquid come to a slow boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Slowly add cherries to pot and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add maraschino liqueur. Let mixture come to room temperature uncovered. Transfer to sterile container and store in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

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Spirits : STUFF OF SUMMER LEGEND: Fuenteseca Reserva

Fuenteseca Tequila fuenteseca 9-yr.jpg9 Year Cosecha 2003 (Jalisco, Mexico)

Some bottles are gimmicks, others are legends. Take a look at the vintage on this tequila.... What the Scots have done for peat and barely, Fuenteseca have accomplished for maguey. This is a rare encounter with greatness. Let this 9-year of tremendous caliber work its transformative magic. It's one boldly aged tequila that will create far more memories than it obliterates!

Price: $192.99

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A little over a year ago, the Chateau Musar Rose arrived on US shores

Not the Jeune, which is the deeply colored $20-ish cinsault-based rose. This is not that. Its own thing. A very rare creature...... dare I call it a unicorn?  I had heard of it, glimpsed images of it in the background of photos, perhaps seen it in dreams.

musar rose library.jpgBut it wasn't until I actually visited the actual cellars of Chateau Musar, and had a very wonderful dinner with my traveling group at the home of the Hochar family, that I actually tasted it. After much begging and pleading, the 2012 (that was the current vintage, even in 2014) finally arrived on US shores.

And last summer, in London, I had a chance to taste the 1995 and 1996.

Yes... 20 year old roses... and they were amazing. If you had a chance to try the Lopez de Heredia Rosado that was the coolest thing going about five years ago, that would be the closest comparison. Like that one, this is not a fruity rose. It was very slightly oxidative, with an almost flor-like note under the ghostly fruit quality. But it's richer, silkier, more densely textured, but without heaviness. There was a hint of savory spice and the whiff of memories forgotten and the magical, mystical quality that always seems to swirl around Chateau Musar.

In practical terms? Those old roses were awesome.

So... while I don't have any of the 1995 and 1996 to sell, I do have some more recent library stock. Less than a case each of 2006, 2004, and 2001. Yes: 2006. 2004. 2001.

Some technical details? It's the same base wine as the whites - made from the mystical old vines of obidah and merwah - with the addition of a bit of cinsault for color and a subtle berry note. Given the extreme ageability of the both Musar reds and whites, it shouldn't be a surprise that this is a rose that can age. So don't be afraid to hide some away.

And don't wait to grab some - I may not be able to get more.

Price List:
2006 - $62.99
2004 - $62.99
2001 - $79.99

To buy, go to our WINES page
Search: MUSAR
Select ROSE on the dropdown menu

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Sampler Packs: #DrinkChenin 2-Pack Sampler

drinkchenin.jpgSome grapes seem to get all the love. Cabernet Sauvignon. Sauvignon Blanc. Pinot Noir. Even love-hate grapes like Merlot and Chardonnay don’t have any issues with name recognition. But then there’s Chenin Blanc. As versatile as Riesling (it can go dry, semi-dry, dessert wine sweet, even sparkling) but perhaps without the “it’s always sweet” baggage. But a baggage-free existence doesn’t mean much if you’ve never heard of it.

But there’s a plan in place to change that. The powers that be (a.k.a. Pascaline Lepeltier of Rouge Tomate and Tom and Kate Monroe of the SE Wine Collective + a bunch of other wine people who really like Chenin) have declared today National #DrinkChenin Day! Pop into Colicchio & Sons or DBGB Kitchen and Bar, where they will have several chenin’s featured as glass pour options. Or throw your own Chenin party and pick up our #DrinkChenin 2-Pack Sampler.

2-Pack includes:

Lemaire-Fournier Vouvray La Coudraie 2004 (Vouvray, Loire, France): The wine is full of drama. Woman wines lottery, buys vines, and hires park ranger-turned red hot winemaker Nicolas Renard who converts the winery to organic, turns out amazing wines and then… literally… disappears. This wine is from his last vintage and it’s lovely, rich, yet somehow delicate. Perfect for porch pounding.

Fog Monster Chenin Blanc Story Vineyard 2012 (Amador County, California): The Fog Monster is a carbonic chenin from ungrafted vines in the Story Vineyard in Armador County. Made by Chris and Andrea Mullineaux, this is dry chenin showing of the grape’s silky, sexy, luxurious side.

Price: $60 ($75 if purchased separately)

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Spirits : FUN IN A BOTTLE: El Dorado Golden Rum Cream Liqueur

FullSizeRender.jpgEl Dorado Golden Rum Cream Liqueur (Guyana)

I think it almost goes without saying that the members of the Frankly team are suckers for guilty pleasure things. Because to us, it isn't guilt-inducing--it's all pleasure! Case in point, this lovely bottle of Rum Cream from El Dorado. The base rum is their 5 year old Demerara rum which is blended with dairy cream, coconut cream, and spices. The result will make you just swoon with delight. Creamy texture with amazing flavors of baking spice, toffee and rum all play together on the palate. Drink on its own or put a splash or two in your coffee to make your day.

Price: $22.99
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Featured Wine: More Badenhorst Wines... the Fancy Pants Version

Badenhorst Family White Blend 2010:

Badenhorst Family.jpgThis is an classic kitchen sink blend. There’s a fair amout of Chenin in the mix, along with some Roussane, Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Verdehlo and a touch of good-old-boring Chardonnay. Fair warning – this is a BIG wine. MASSIVE! But not in a block-buster, beat-me-with-a-butter-stick Cali-Chardonnay sort of way. It's all about texture: big and rich but with a firm streak of acidity to give it structure. I always find it difficult to pull out specific flavors for this one, because they’re so tightly knit into the body of the wine, but there’s a nuttiness, a citrus note, maybe something a touch honied or floral? Regardless of the specifics, this is a great wine for fans of full-bodied whites. Or people who “don’t like whites.” Or for Chardonnay fans looking to move on to something else. It’s worth decanting – or drinking over the course of days. It’s not a picnic wine – this is serious, delicious stuff that goes best with something rich and creamy. And if you’re drinking it in this weather… definitely pair it with some air-conditioning.

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Fancy Pants Wine: Fog Monster: Swartland Meets Amador County

Fog Monster is the California project of Chris and Andrea Mullineux (of the celebrated Swartland winery Mullineux Wines). It’s one way Andrea stays connected to her West Coast homeland while keeping one foot in South Africa, her husband’s native land. Named for great fogbanks that roll through the Sierra Foothills, both Fog Monster cuvées are undeniably influenced by the unique climate of Amador County.

Fog Monster Chenin 2.jpgFog Monster Chenin Blanc Story Vineyard 2012 (Amador County, California):

This wine comes from ungrafted vines of chenin blanc, planted at about 1900 feet above sea level in the Story Vineyard. This is the same vineyard site used by Sandlands winemaker Tegan Passalacqua, but Andrea's using carbonic maceration here, which translates to more skin contact and a very silky, round body. A touch of oxidation adds more richness to this already luxurious wine while white flowers grace the nose. This is Californian chenin blanc at its most debonair.

Price: $52.99
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Fancy Pants Wine: Fog Monster: Swartland Meets Amador County

Fog Monster Grenache.jpgFog Monster Grenache Shake Ridge Vineyard 2012 (Amador County, California):

This cuvee comes from grenache vines planted in the Shake Ridge vineyard at about 1300 feet above sea level. To garner the best possible texture and structure from this cuvee, Andrea uses whole-cluster fermentation. The result is a Grenache that is firm, not flabby or overly fruity, with a round, soft mouth feel and a nose of dusty, perfectly ripe raspberries and early morning fog. If you've tried the Tribute to Grace Shakeridge Grenache, this is an alternative expression of the same site. We you think you should try them both - consider it part of your vinous education.

Price: $52.99
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Spirits : PARTY TIME: Blender Bender

blender bender.JPGBLENDER BENDER 3 Pack

How's your wet bar looking these days? Ready for rooftop parties? We got your back with our Blender Bender 3 Pack.

These bottles should be staples and it covers all the bases.

The Blender Bender includes:
1 bottle Tyler's City of London, London Dry Gin
1 bottle Cimarron Blanco Tequila
1 bottle Denizen Aged White Rum

Comes with simple, go-to cocktail recipes.

Price: $64 (tax not included)

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Featured Wine: Explore Something New:


$45.92 monthly (that’s $50 with sales tax)
Bonus: 10% off any 6 bottles; 15% off 12 bottles

Top 5 Reasons to join:

delivery truck - left.jpg1.) Your book club needs more interesting wine
2.) Discover wines you never knew you needed
3.) You want to learn? You need to drink!
4.) Fermented fruit of the month!
5.) You get thirsty. Your friends get thirsty.

What? You need more reasons? It’s $50 bucks a month, including sales tax, for two to four bottles selected by us.

Good stuff.
Fun stuff.
Stuff we really like… and hope you like too.

Do you really need any more reasons? (If you do, read our extra long explanation here.)

Details, details, details:
FREE in-store pick up and delivery below Canal  Street.
Elsewhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn: $10 a month. Beyond that: $15 a month.
Shipping fees will not appear in shopping cart. They will be added manually.

Subscription members billed monthly.
3 and 6-month pre-paid options also available (and are a great gift idea.)

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Fancy Pants Wine: JURA DUTY: The Book Kind

jura wine book.jpgA little over a year ago, we sent out a notice about Wink Lorch’s KickStarter campaign to fund her efforts to publish the first ever English language book on Jura wine. Wink has been visiting and writing about the region since 1999 – long before it had made the radar of even the geekiest wine geek. She was convinced (begged, really) to embark on this book project by those of us eager for more info on the mystical, magical place where the white wines challenge your conception of what a white wine can be, and the reds are shockingly light in color but surprisingly big in flavor.

The project was a huge success and the book is here! Consider it Jura duty of the best kind. You won’t find a better, more definitive guide to the region than her simply titled: Jura Wine

Not to get all infomercially, but at $38, it's less than ½ the price of a bottle of the region’s mythical vin jaune. So if you're a looking to learn more, it's well worth the investment.


You haven’t heard of the Jura??? Unless you happen to shop in a handful of wine shops scattered across the country, that’s pretty much expected. The region is a tiny, obscure part of France tucked over near Switzerland. You've probably never heard of some of the region's most important grapes (Savagnin? Poulsard? Trousseau?) And you probably haven’t had anything like the region’s light, ethereal, sneakinly complex reds. Or its slightly twangy, often oxidative whites. Or its top dog vin jaune that ages practically forever. No, unless you’re a wine geek or hang out with them, you probably haven’t heard of these wines. But there's a good chance you'll like them.

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Frankly Wines Club: The Feiring Line Wine Society (a.k.a. A Wine Club)

alice picture.jpg

Photo credit: © James Robinson 2013

In my spare time (generally between the hours of midnight and 2AM) I do a little copy editing for Alice Feiring’s newsletter, The Feiring Line, which is devoted to ‘natural’ wines and the people who make them. Some of these wines are not so easy to find, no matter where you are. So about a year ago, we launched a long-discussed Alice-picked wine club could be a success, the Feiring Line Wine Society. I’ll let her tell you all about it.... click here to learn more.

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Spirits : Lady-Made Booze

Owney's Original Small Batch Rum (Brooklyn, New York)
Owneys instore pic.JPG

Lady-Made Booze (but you don't have to be a lady to drink it.) 

From the Noble Experiment Distillery, Owneys is named after an infamous New York bootlegger. Master distiller Bridget Firtle really wanted to showcase New York history in a bottle so the name seemed a fitting touch. Besides the sugar cane molasses, the water is all locally sourced from the tap. New York's finest!

As for the final product? It's a white rum but with more flavor than most. You can sip it, or use it to whip up some fantastic cocktails. (All daiquiris welcome.) Bring a little local love to your summer bar. 

Price: $36.99

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